Smart Home Systems vs. Home Security Systems: The Better Choice?

Smart Home Security Systems vs Traditional Systems

We live in a world of advanced technology and are constantly challenged to choose between smart systems and the pre-existing traditional ones. It is the same when you have to choose between a home security system anda smart home system when you purchase a new house. Both come with their own set of benefits and depends on what you define as leisure.

For instance, a home security system will alert you if there is a break-in or a pipe burst and also inform first responders on your behalf. It is a handy technology if you are often away from home. However, if you are someone who wants to switch on and off lights, fans, air-conditioners, and heaters using your smartphone, a smart home system is the choice to go for.

Understanding the basics

Home security systems have been there for a while now. While youcan connect it to broadband service or low-cost wireless technology for a while now, only recently, you can make them ‘smart’.

For the past few decades, you needed to purchase a home securitysystem, and the company would send a professional who would install a big box in the closet and run wires from it to connect it to all the doors and windows of your house.

A home security system is either available as a professional kit,which comes with an added monitoring free or as a DIY kit, which you have to install on your own and is a huge money saver. Several neighborhoods in theUnited States need you to inform them before you set an alarm system and also charge a fee in case their first responders deploy on a false alarm.

On the other hand, a smart home system is for those who are more tech-savvy and acts as an intermediary home network and smart home devices. You can find two types of smart home systems. The first one is called a starter kit and comes with a hub that manages all devices and a set of smart devices to get you started. The second option is a hub. You only purchase the hub and buy smart home devices according to your house needs and personal preferences.

When it comes to smart home systems, it is always the best choice to go DIY because you might get a couple or more items in the starter kit that have no specific use. It is like you are paying extra for something you are never going to use.

Home Security Kit essentials

You need a hub to work either of the systems. From there on, you have a lot of choices. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Home security system

You are going to need door and window sensors, cameras, and a keypad. The sensors are either fitted on the wall near to the door or window or have a magnetic fitting. When the sensor goes off, the hub is designed to delay the process a little, so you can open the door to go inside and shut it down. You can select either the home or the away option on the system.

When you are home, the system will ignore slight movements in and around the house. When you select the away option, it will go on its alarm state. The sensors also come with pet mode to avoid false alarm caused by your pet while running around.

2. Smart home system

Smart devices to sync with a smart home system are endless, so we decided to narrow down to the essential ones. To get the smart home system going, you will need a smart bulb, smart thermostats, smart plugs, and smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo. You will also need smart locks to inform you if all locks and doors are locked properly or not. You can opt for in-wall switches, AC receptacles, and fan controllers but they aren’t necessary.

If you enjoy a leisure lifestyle, you can also install a smart garage door opener, carbon monoxide or smoke detectors, security cameras, automatic window shades, water leak sensors, and smart sprinkler controller.

Making the right choice

What your house needs are a smart home system that comes with its own security system. We all want to live a comfortable life, and only a smart home system can give us that. When you are selecting the smart home system brand, ensure that their products or starter kit come with motion, window, and door sensors.

You don’t have to use that system forever, so you can try one for a couple of years to see how you like it. During that time, there will be some better technology, something which is a perfect combination of a smart home system and a home security system and meets all your security and leisure needs.

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