How to Secure Your Home in 2017

First Things First…

In 2017, there are a number of different vulnerabilities your home can experience; much more so than in the 1950s. For this reason, and many others, it’s important to read our guide on how to secure your home in our modern, digital age. Below you’ll find How to Secure Your Home in 2017, a collection of tips, tricks, and techniques to prevent burglars from coming and make them fearful of entering your home. Enjoy!

Social Media & Your Home’s Safety

You always hear about homes being broken into when someone is on vacation and choosing to document their whole trip via Instagram and.or Facebook. This is one of the absolute worst ideas you can have when traveling. We all know it’s tempting to show off to your friends and family the vacation you’ve been saving up for years, but take a step back, breathe, and recognize that their #FOMO (fear of missing out) will be just as strong when you post comfortably from your living room sofa after the trip. When you choose to share all of your personal pursuits online, you’re basically a sitting duck for a network of criminals hoping to take advantage of such a situation. This vulnerability was never a problem prior to the social media age, so be smart and post after you and your family have enjoyed the vacation.

Install a Video Security System

Video security systems are so affordable nowadays, there’s no excuse NOT to have one. You can go to your local warehouse store and find some for as little as $599. That may seem to be “a lot” at the time of purchase, but it will pay for itself tenfold if you ever happened to be robbed while away on a trip, or even when you’re sound asleep in your bedroom. Having security footage will allow law enforcement to identify the robbers more easily and possibly prevent said robbers from committing future crimes. When you choose to install a security system in your household, you’re not only protecting the safety and well-being of your own family, you’re protecting the safety and well-being of other families as well.

One popular option is called Ring Doorbell.  It’s a doorbell replacement that adds a video camera!  The camera can be connected to a DVR system in the home or an app on your phone.

Purchase a Gun

No matter what your political beliefs are, it’s vital to be well-armed in case there are ever any close encounters with low-life thieves. Depending on your state or province, this may prove to be more difficult than other, more lenient states with relaxed gun policies. Regardless of that matter, it’s worth it to got through the process and paperwork to have a handgun and/or shotgun in the house. If you have a spouse and children, it’s important that they participate in a gun-safety class to ensure everyone knows the power and responsibly a weapon has. When you’re subjected to a robbery and the robber has a knife or gun, it’s you or them; always choose yourself and you’ll be just fine.

Security DogBuy a Trained Guard Dog

Having a family pet is the dream of many budding families, but you may want to consider buying a well-trained guard dog from your local breeder who specializes in such a niche. They say dog is a man’s best friend, but when that dog saves you and your family’s life, he’s no longer a friend, he’s a part of the family. Do yourself a favor and research the best, local dog breeds in your area who specialize in this field and give them a call.

Even an untrained dog has been said to scare off would be robbers.  Just the barking sound lets them know that any attempt on your home will be met with at least an inconvenience.

Be Involved In The Community

While not a foolproof way to secure your home, if you happen to know your neighbors and live in a community, you can often have someone watch your home or at the very least keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles.

In addition, if you do have neighbors that you trust you can have them pick up your newspaper or mail so that your home isn’t easily spotted as “vacant.”

Invest In Flood Lights (or turn them on)

It’s known around the law enforcement circles that a well lit home is a home that is less likely to be burglarized.  While none of these tips are fool proof they can go a long way in securing your home.

Home Safety, Overall…

Your home is one of your most important investments and you want to protect everything and everyone inside. Follow the above tips and you’ll find yourself less worried and more prepared if and when the time comes to defend your property. Whether you’re an educator an acupuncturist, a marketer, or a chiropractor you’ll want to ensure your home is protected to the utmost degree. If you’ve enjoyed these recommendations, feel free to share this piece with your friends and family.

Buy A Home In A Gated Community

If all else fails and you are still fearful, you can buy a home behind a gate.  Gated communities often offer a layer of protection like none-other.  If you were to buy a home in Chateau Elan behind a gate, a would be predator would have to at least get past the guard, the gate and whatever defense you set up.

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