Carbon Monoxide Detector Is A Must For Safety

If you’re here then you already care about safety and security. Recently, a Saskatoon woman says her carbon monoxide detector saved her life. CBC reports this story just recently.

Pearl Korentchenko and her boyfriend noticed their furnace was not working when they returned from an outing on Thursday night.

One of the biggest culprits are space heaters. They can sometimes give off Carbon Monoxide gases.  Such was the case in this situation, they installed  a space heater to keep the pipes from freezing. Lucky for this family they were alerted by their alarm.

“We didn’t feel the greatest at that point,” she said.

“He had a headache and I was starting to feel nauseated, but not to the point where it was excessive and immediate.”

Ultimately, if you feel the symptoms you should call 911.

The couple called 911 and the fire department responded and tested the levels. The highest reading they got was 35 parts per million near a door that had been open earlier in the night.

Korentchenko said at the rate the levels were rising inside the house, she believes she and her boyfriend could have been killed if they had gone to sleep.

She credits the monitor for saving their lives and wants to share her story so others will consider purchasing a CO alarm.

“It wasn’t anything that we thought we would need and if we wouldn’t have had it, I wouldn’t be here today,” she said.

“And I think that’s important for anyone who doesn’t think of that kind of thing.”

For every one reading, Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and tasteless, so poisoning and death can occur with very little to alert a homeowner of a CO buildup.  The only warning sign is the headache, nausea, burning eyes and “dizziness or sleepiness.”

Currently they (Carbon Monoxide alarms) are not mandatory in Saskatoon, but they are in Ontario.

It says anyone who thinks they are experiencing signs of CO poisoning should leave the house immediately, seek medical treatment if required and call 911 after exiting the home.

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