5 Neighborhoods That Need Security Now

Nutana ParkTypically neighborhoods above the “luxury” line are the ones that really need to worry about security.  Here’s our top 5 picks for Saskatoon home security upgrades right now.

5 Neighborhoods That Need Security Now

  1. Furdale, Saskatoon – home to Saskatoon’s own Golf Club and with an average price of $1.5 Million, this luxury real estate needs security.
  2. Albert Park, Regina – while most visit here to see the dinosaurs with an average price of a home around $900K you can expect that home security needs to be improved!
  3. Arcola Esat, Regina – with a collection a trails, amenities, and golf you can expect that these homes are in need of some home security.
  4. Briarwood, Saskatoon – more of an actual neighborhood or subdivision, Briarwood features homes from the high $700’s
  5. Nutana Park, Saskatoon – located on the south side of Saskatoon, the homes can range all the way to the millions.

and just for fun, how about an Atlanta GA city?

Brookhaven, GA – This is an actual city that will be confused for Atlanta.  With home prices as high as $2 million and no gates, you can expect that homes in Brookhaven GA  have high security needs.

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